What to expect at your Couples or engagement session:

Capturing moments of two people in love is kind of my jam. I love telling your visual love story. When you come to your session, prepare to have fun and laugh a lot and be yourself. I don't want you to hold back. I want to hear that snort laugh that your partner loves so much. And I want all the nose kisses and the quirky jokes and the little moments.

When you are at your session, don't expect to do a lot of looking at the camera and smiling, well, maybe one for grandma. For the most part we will be moving around and dancing, and having a good time.

I love when my couples bring something 0r choose a location that is special to them. It's all about your story and who you!

"They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald